National Garden Scheme Open Day Sunday 23 June.Click here for further details and tickets.

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Living Castle Season

Have you ever wondered what day to day life is like for those living on the castle? Want to know about the challenges faced when conserving a castle atop a tidal island? Our Living Castle season will give insights into what it takes to maintain such a historic building in such a unique location.

From learning about the agents of deterioration to the Bronze Age Hoard discovery on the Island in 2009; the Sail Loft restaurant will be home to a host of conservation talks every Tuesday at 3pm throughout the season by our specialist conservators.

On your visit to the castle, pop into our Blue Drawing Room which is currently undergoing extensive restoration work. In this room, you will find a touch table displaying varous items that have been effected by the five agents of deterioration; wear and tear, relative humidity, dust, pests and light. Learn about the different conservation techniques that we use to preserve our collections on the Island. 

The season will also see the second year of A Garden in a Castle, which showcases the creativity, ingenuity and skills of our gardening team in the castle’s showrooms.

For more information of our Living Castle season, please click here.

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