National Garden Scheme Open Day Sunday 23 June.Click here for further details and tickets.

The Castle

With shades of the past in each room and new discoveries waiting around every corner, dig deep into the Mount’s history.

Stoop through ancient doorways and glimpse the building’s changing faces – from priory to fortified castle and, since the mid-1600s, home to the St Aubyn family, who still live here today. As you wander centuries-old corridors and unpeel layers of history, look out for some extraordinary finds.

What you can see in the castle

A few of the many highlights include:

  • A Samurai Warrior suit of armour
  • A clock that tells you the time of the tide as well as the hour of the day.
  • A frieze with hunting scenes, including an ostrich munching on a horseshoe.
  • A piece of Napoleon’s coat worn at the Battle of Waterloo.
  • A statue of St Michael offering mercy to the Devil at his feet.
  • The sofa where Queen Victoria sat as the housekeeper entertained her to a cup of tea.
  • An unusual souvenir from a trip to Egypt: a mummified cat.
  • An etched windowpane, where a doubtful St Aubyn daughter checked the authenticity of her diamond engagement ring before she accepted a proposal.

Don’t miss the online tour

When visiting, look out for the online castle tour created by Lord St Levan. It’s simple! Just scan the QR codes in the castle with the camera on your smart phone to get information on the rooms, artefacts and family life within the castle walls.

How to plan your visit

To visit the castle, you’ll need to book a castle ticket online. This ticket will give you access to the island itself, the castle and gun batteries, the spacious lawns, shops and cafes.

Assistance dogs only.

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