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Walking the causeway

At low tide, you can use the ancient causeway to walk across to the island. Step onto the cobbles and tread a path followed by pilgrims, traders, nobles and villagers over many hundreds of years.

When can I use the causeway?

At high tide, the sea covers the causeway. However, at low tide, the causeway is revealed and visitors can stroll across or back. The causeway is open for around four hours each day, depending on the tides and weather. You can only book ‘walking’ tickets when the causeway is uncovered.

How long does it take?

You’ll need around 15 minutes to walk across or back.

How much time do I need on the island?

Depending on what you plan to do, your visit can range from 1 hour for a quick visit to the harbour and village to at least three hours to visit the castle, shops, gallery and cafes. 

Can I take a boat?

From 24 March to 31 October, ferryboats take visitors across and back. This is only possible at high tide, when the sea covers the causeway. If you’re booking a ticket in advance during this period, your ticket will show whether you can cross by foot or boat.

Causeway Opening Times

During the winter the island is only open when the causeway is accessible. During the spring/summer season boats are also available (see above). Whether you choose to walk or boat or both, the journey to the island is a truly unique experience. Use our calendar below to help plan your visit. Please note: Causeway times are approximate and vary with weather, storm surges, neap and spring tides.

  • Walking Times
  • Boating Only
  • Mount Closed
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