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Sustainability on St Michael’s Mount

Did you know that a thriving community lives and works on St Michael’s Mount?

Thirty people make their home here, as others have for hundreds of years. Sustainable tourism for us means ensuring both residents and visitors experience the beauty of this unique island for generations to come.

We have other visitors too. Scores of birds – including rare species – flock from nearby Marazion Marsh Nature Reserve to our island for food and shelter. Our avian friends remind us of our connection to, and sustainable responsibility towards, the wider community beyond our shores.

Here’s some of the work we’re doing to promote sustainability.

Two important milestones

Our sustainable work on the Mount has led to:
• 40% approximate reduction in Co2 emissions in the past five years
• 25% waste reduction in the past four years.

Reducing energy usage

Almost all village properties, domestic and commercial, now use energy-efficient air-source heat pumps. Meanwhile, an energy-efficient LED lighting system illuminates the castle exterior during special occasions.

Reducing plastic use and waste

We have removed all plastic bags from our shops, cafes and restaurants and made significant reductions to the use of plastic packaging.

42% of all our waste is recycled and 100% of residential recyclable waste is recycled using the circular economy.

Working with local suppliers

Fish from Newlyn. Veg from Marazion. Ice cream from Zennor. We choose local suppliers wherever possible, because it benefits local businesses and reduces food miles. For instance, 22 out of 24 suppliers to our Harbour Loft restaurant are from Cornwall – and all are from the South West. The story is similar across other outlets on the Mount.

Encouraging biodiversity

We manage our woodlands and gardens to encourage biodiversity. Our head gardener chooses plants for their insect and butterfly-friendly qualities, and we use peat-free composts and organic fertilisers. We leave nesting ravens undisturbed. We believe this is better for nature all around.

St Michael’s Mount also partners with Cornwall Wildlife Trust’s Mount’s Bay Marine Trail programme to raise awareness about the incredible and vital seagrass beds in Mount’s Bay. See the video below:

Corporate social responsibility

For many years, the St Michael’s Mount team has supported local charities and community groups, and played a role in major appeals. Find out more about the St Aubyn Foundation.

Why proper accreditation matters

Sustainable work at St Michael’s Mount is verified by respected independent bodies.

Our environmental management system has received Level 4 Green Dragon Environmental Accreditation, demonstrating continual environmental improvement. We also align with internationally agreed environmental standard ISO 14001.

We work closely with leading environmental partners including the National Trust, the RSPB, Cornwall Wildlife Trust and the Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Are we done?

Not yet. While we’re proud of all the people and teams who have helped us on our journey to a more sustainable St Michael’s Mount, there’s much more to do and more improvements to make. We’ll regularly update this page with the latest news.

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