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Church of St Michael & All Angels

The beating heart of St Michael’s Mount. On the footprint of the church built in 1135, and probably reusing the same stones, the present building was largely rebuilt in the late-14th century. In all likelihood, there would have been an earlier church still on the summit, but no remains are identifiable. There is a belief that St Cadoc and St Keyne met on the island in the sixth century. Nowadays, we have our own Chaplain and hold regular Sunday services from the middle of May to the end of September.

Look out for these details inside

  • The Organ – built in 1786 for Colonel John Lemon, MP for Truro, for his London house in Bryanston Square. Apparently, Colonel Lemon was an insomniac and during his wakeful spells would find relief by playing his organ at all hours of the night. Eventually, the complaints of his neighbours persuaded him to sell the organ to his friend John St Aubyn for £800. The organ still retains its original superb tonal quality.
  • Lantern Cross – 15th century, made from Cornish stone from near Padstow. The four panels represent the crucifixion, the virgin and child, a king (possibly Edward the Confessor, who by some accounts gave the Mount to Mont-St-Michel) and a priest (maybe a prior, or possibly Thomas Beckett).
  • Bronze of St Michael – the modern bronze figure of St Michael defeating the Devil, yet offering the hand of mercy, was made by the figurative sculptor, Lyn Constable Maxwell. The neighbouring stained glass panels were installed by the 5th Sir John St Aubyn as part of his restoration of the church in 1811.
  • Behind the Altar – on the wall behind the altar are three alabaster panels made in Nottingham in the 15th century. The central one is especially fine, portraying the severed head of John the Baptist on a charger being received in Heaven by the Holy Trinity and assorted saints. Above the alabasters is a crucifix carved by the artist John Miller, and given by him to the church in 1987.

Church Services

Church ServicesDate & Time
Sunday Services19 May until 22 September at 11:15
Good Friday29 March at 12:00
Easter Sunday31 March at 11:15
St Michael’s Day29 September at 11:15


If you are a pilgrim or a member of a pilgrimage group and would like to visit the church for prayer and reflection, please contact 01736 887822. This phone line is open Monday to Friday from 10am - 2pm.

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