National Garden Scheme Open Day Sunday 23 June.Click here for further details and tickets.

The Steward’s House

The Steward’s House was built around 1815 to act both as a residence and an office for the Mount Steward. At the time, the population of the village was about 300 people and included three pubs, a school and various activities connected to a thriving harbour. It is the grandest building in the harbour area and one of the few that survives from before the great Victorian restorations on the island that started in the 1870s.

This is one of the properties on the Mount that still belong to the St Aubyn family, who as well as restoring the building itself, have also created an intimate walled garden at the rear of the Steward’s House for visitors to enjoy.

Inside: Newlyn School artwork

The Steward’s House is currently home to the Sheila Hichens Collection which comprises artwork by Newlyn School artists that depict how life was lived in West Cornwall before the middle of the twentieth century. This exhibition of artwork will be available to visit in the Steward’s House, free of charge, for visitors to the island. 

Find out more about the Sheila Hichens Collection here.

Tom Leaper Sculpture

Outside: a remarkable sculpture

A new work by sculptural artist Tom Leaper can be found in the Steward’s House garden.

Commissioned by Lord & Lady St Levan, the piece titled ‘St Michael’ is cast in patinated bronze and plated with gold. The abstract artwork represents Saint Michael the Archangel, the sweeping wings, the sword and the slaying of Satan. When sunlight falls upon the work from the west, it casts a shadowy silhouette of the serpent on the ground.

The precise placement of this piece is significant, standing in alignment with the church on top of the Mount which in turn aligns with the seven locations across Europe and the Middle East dedicated to the Archangel St Michael found on the St Michael line (also referred to as the Apollo ley line). These seven points are also referenced by seven circles of gold on the handle of the sword.

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