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Scilla peruviana, is a species of Scilla native to the western Mediterranean region in Iberia, Italy, and northwest Africa.

Although the epithet peruviana means “from Peru”, it is strictly a western Mediterranean species.

Scilla peruviana is a more or less evergreen bulbous perennial, forming a rosette of narrowly lance shaped dark green leaves, that later produce  blue flowers in early summer.

These have been happily growing in the bottom of the east terrace for many years now, and as the bulbs have matured these have been divided into smaller drifts, to complement with other planting in the area. 

This beautiful flower can currently be seen in the gardens so do visit us soon. 

Don’t forget that we are currently running our #seagarden photography competition. We invite our visitors to take photographs and send to us. 

Prize: £50 St Michael’s Mount plant hamper, your image printed on canvas and exhibited in the St Michael’s Mount Summer House during July and August 2016.


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