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Victorian well head in the gardens is restored

Local Sculptor, Tom Leaper, has supervised the restoration of the well head in the gardens.

The Well in the East Terraces is of Victorian construction and the semi-circular walls contain a giant steel water tank which was designed to collect rainwater from the castle’s gutters and drains, which was then used for watering the garden. The attractive metalwork celebrates the Golden Wedding anniversary of the third Lord St Levan and his wife Gwendoline in 1966. 

Due to its position in the garden the salt air a constant, and the well head metalwork had deteriorated to such an extent that restoration was necessary to save it from rusting beyond repair. We were fortunate to have local sculptor Tom Leaper on hand to supervise the restoration at local forge, Forgeries.

When you next visit the garden we invite you to visit the well and enjoy looking at the intricate metalwork that has been restored to its former glory. It should be in place by mid May 2016.

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