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21st Century Island Life

Originally from Leeds, Mik moved to Cornwall and joined the Visitor Services team on the Mount in 2008. A keen photographer and longstanding Island Guide, he now runs a successful business as a freelance photographer. 

This exhibition brings to life the story of the vibrant community living and working on the island.

Mik has a special insight into the lives of the people that live and work on the Mount. During the past year he has been able to photograph various aspects of Mount life. Over 100 images have been reduced to just 18 and can now be viewed in the Barge House in a curated exhibition. Each image depicts a different aspect of island life, from the annual fire drill, to the school ferry run, and the island tram that delivers goods up to the castle.

21st Century Island Life provides an insight into the people living and working on the Mount, and shines a spotlight on the everyday back stage activities that keep the island running smoothly. 

The exhibition is presented in the Barge House, which is located in the harbour. 

Curated by Pete Hamilton, Visitor Services Manager, St Michael’s Mount, the images have been printed on to canvas and hung from the roof of the Barge House. 

Daily (except Saturday) 10am - 5pm
Barge House, St Michael’s Mount
Free Entry

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