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Happy 90th Birthday to HM the Queen

In honour of the Queen’s 90th birthday we will be lighting the St Michael’s Mount beacon at 8.30pm.

In addition to the St Michael’s Mount beacon being lit, the Marazion Town beacon will also be lit simultaneously at 8.30pm.

As the beacon fades, we will light the castle in honour of the Queen’s birthday.

We have received several enquiries about the evening and have responded to the most frequent questions we are being asked.

What type of beacon will be used?

We will be using a wood fired basket positioned on a five foot pole.

Where will the beacon be positioned?

The beacon will be positioned on the lower western gun battery. If you are on Marazion Beach looking towards the Mount this is to the right of the castle.

Where is the best place to view the beacon?

The best place to view the beacon will be on Marazion Beach, or at the Godolphin Arms. We recommend the Royal Mojito at the Godolphin Arms - a cocktail with a royal twist - just to get you in to the spirit!

How long will the beacon be lit for?

The beacon will be lit for approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour.

How long will the castle be floodlit?

The castle will be lit from approximately 9.15pm - 11.30pm.

Will the castle be open?

The castle and island are closed to the public - this is for safety reasons.

Will there be photos of the beacon lighting?

Yes - we will be posting pictures on our social media channels of the lighting of the beacon.


We hope everyone enjoys the evening and please do share your photos of the beacon lighting. 

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