National Garden Scheme Open Day Sunday 23 June.Click here for further details and tickets.

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Island Harbour Home –  living and working on St Michael’s Mount

Come and meet the people who live and work on the island - the close-knit community who keep St Michael’s Mount running smoothly.  Find out how their lives are affected by living on a tidal island - what do they love about it, and what’s a challenge!  Haven’t you wondered how they do the school run, or how they manage with the weekly shop?  What happens in an emergency?  We will be giving you the opportunity to ask questions like these through live social media chats (keep an eye out for announcement of dates and times), and we’ll be posting interviews with members of the island community regularly on our blog. 

We will be curating a photographic exhibition by Mik Allerton, in the Barge House exploring 21st Century island life and there will aslo be a focus on the boats - the lifeline for the island.  Our daily tours will continue, but the emphasis will shift to stories of the community and the buildings in relation to everyday life on the island. 

Alongside this, the usual story-telling (through the summer holidays), kids garden trail and castle quiz will still be on offer, so plenty to keep the kids entertained. 

Come along throughout the summmer and discover more about this unique way of living and working. 

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