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Marazion School to Commemorate Renovation of Gwelva Boat Landing with 100-Year Time Capsule

On Friday, 19th July 2024, the unveiling of a commemorative plaque marking the spot of a unique 100-year time capsule will take place on the newly renovated Gwelva boat landing. This event will be a celebration of the past, present and future, connecting today’s generation with those a century from now.

Kerry Rice, Head of Learning for St Aubyn Estates, worked with every pupil at Marazion School to create the contents for the time capsule. Inspired by the iconic Newlyn School artists who vividly depicted Cornish life a century ago, the capsule contains drawings, writings and projects created by the children. The Newlyn School artists, renowned for their realistic and socially conscious works, left a lasting impact on the region’s cultural heritage. A collection of their paintings can be found in the Steward’s House on St Michael’s Mount and works by this well-known group of artists, such as Stanhope Forbes, Dame Laura Knight and Harold Harvey, were used as inspiration for the children whose contributions offer a snapshot of contemporary, everyday life in west Cornwall.

James St Levan shared his enthusiasm for the event: “The original Gwelva landing was built just over 100 years ago and it seemed a lovely idea that the children of Marazion School should create their messages for our successors to discover when they come to rebuild the landing in another 100 years or so.

The time capsule is buried below Gwelva boat landing, opposite St Michael’s Mount. The boat landing has been extensively renovated by a team led by Cornish Heritage Builders, showcasing human craftsmanship and skilled engineering. Each new brick and steel reinforcement was meticulously placed in coordination with the tides and weather, enhancing the symbolic significance of the event and ensuring Gwelva remains a viable boat landing for generations to come. Much like the time capsule, Gwelva will stand as a testament to the resilience and continuity of human endeavour through time and tide.

Drawings and messages from every child at Marazion School were added to the time capsule, with the overriding message being one of hope: “As of now, we know about climate change, the effect we’ve had upon our planet and the dangers if we continue as we are and don’t act. It is our hope and wish that the people who could act, acted and you have a better world than the one we inherited.” Year 6, Marazion School.

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