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Timeline of a Mount Lifeline - An Exhibition into the History of the Mount’s Amphibious Vehicles

As part of our Island, Harbour, Home season, our amphi-craft the St Michael will be home to an exhibition showcasing how amphibious vehicles have served as a vital lifeline to the Island since the 1950’s

The timeline begins with the story of how amphibious vehicles began serving on the Island in the 1950’s, as a result of the Lord St Levan at the time witnessing World War Two DUKWs transporting scraps of the grounded HMS Warspite from the sea just off the Mount to the in land scrap yard. It was then decided that these vehicles would be a necessity in transporting people and goods to and from the Island, particularly in the winter months. The arrival of the Mount’s own DUKW then swiftly followed, and in the period of time between then and 2000, various other amphibious vehicles were used and trialled until the commission of the Island’s bespoke vessel, the St Michael.

The exhibition will also highlight the extensive work that the Island’s boating department undertakes in order to maintain the vital lifeline, as well as features various tales surrounding these vessels, including receiving the royal seal of approval!

Climb around the St Michael for the Timeline of a Mount Lifeline, which will be on display until the 26th August.

For more information of our Island, Harbour, Home season, please click here.

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