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Free entry to the harbour and village during opening hours between 01 November and 30 April.Find out more

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Winter on St Michael’s Mount

What will I discover during winter?

Our ‘Winter’ period runs from 01 November to 31 March and entry is free to all visitors.

Many people find this a beautiful time to visit. We’re less busy, which means you’ll experience a quieter and calmer side to island life. Why not amble about the cobbled village and historic harbour? Then, warm your hands around a hot drink in the Island Café. The ambience can be wonderful and the views are spectacular.

What’s open during winter?

During opening hours in winter, you can visit the:

What’s not open?

The following areas are closed during winter:

  • The Castle
  • The Harbour Loft restaurant
  • The Garden Terraces

How do I visit during winter?

St Michael’s Mount is a tidal island which can be reached via a cobbled causeway when the tide is low. Ferry boats do not run during the winter season.

On some days in winter, because of how the tides fall during daylight hours, you can visit the island only for a short period. Occasionally, you can’t visit at all. This means it’s very important to check tide times before your visit:

  • Walking Times
  • Boating Only
  • Mount Closed

Is the island ever completely closed during winter?

Yes, the island is closed on Saturdays during winter and throughout the year. It may also close in the event of high winds or storms, or because tide times do not correspond with winter daylight hours. We will show a Mount Closure alert on the website and on social media if there are any imminent closures due to bad weather.

Can I bring my dog during winter?

Please do. Between 1 November and 31 March, we welcome all dog owners and well-behaved canines to visit us around the harbour and village. Please keep your dog on a short lead at all times.

Why is the castle closed during winter?

The castle and church is closed this winter for extensive maintenance works and reopens on 29 March 2024. 

Why is the garden closed during winter?

The garden terraces are visited by over 140,000 visitors each year.  The wear and tear on the Victorian terraces and fragile landscaping necessitates a period of restoration as well as skilled horticultural care.   Battered by winter gales and rain, the gardening team will have the gardens ready to reopen on 1 May 2024.

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